Introducing a provider for cleaning, waste management and housing sectors Peter Stone AIEP Founder of Apprenticeships Life (Top Contributor)

My Grandad used to say ‘Where there’s muck there’s Brass’ and I can say through experience it’s true, there IS cash where there’s muck, I worked for Veolia in Tonbridge just before I got diagnosed and I met some absolutely fantastic people, some of whom even after i’d Left, still pop round, see how I am etc. Believe this or not, Working at the Violia Depot in tonbridge is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, working with some amazing characters and the general public in all weathers,
There are many apprenticeships available in waste management, however some opportunities have only a few entrances into this sector. Introducing Nordic Pioneer Ltd an award-winning training company specialising in providing apprenticeships and training within the cleaning, waste management and housing sectors. We are also highly experienced in the field of graffiti removal and prevention, visit for more information.
Kind regards

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