Introducing ‘The Apprentice Academy’

Recruitment Administrator at The Apprentice Academy  0161 200 1673

Everything we do here at the Apprentice Academy is focused on developing well-rounded apprentices who add significant value to their employers. 

Company Values and beliefs: 

1) Young people are our future – developing talent from a grass roots level is one of the most crucial roles for any employer. 

2) We are only as good as our apprentices – we develop and engage with our apprentices to unlock their potential and inspire them through high standards. 

3) Excellence through world class thinking. We care about the little details and the importance of providing a quality service, we inspire through excellence and take no short cuts. 

4) Innovation – anything is possible, be different and be brave by breaking new ground. 

5) Adaptability – in a changing market we adapt to meet the needs of customers, young people and partners. 

6) Organic growth – we value, support, engage and develop our own people so they grow as we grow. 

7) Sustainable Careers – the funding we receive is privilege – we are passionate about maximising its value through sustainable employment and adding long term value. 

8) Be the change – make a difference by linking businesses with the community. It is a powerful way of creating a positive society.

Business based Apprenticeships, ILM accredited centre, Investors in People, Manchester city centre

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