#NEWS Apprentic…

#NEWS Apprenticeships are 2 change, 4 the better good of all? U decide, TY 2 Nick & the team at FEWeek.co.uk bit.ly/1bxNbAM .


Whilst Apprenticeships are already central to raising
our nation’s skills and delivering strong returns for
the economy, for employers and for apprentices
themselves, we must ensure they become more
rigorous and responsive to the needs of more
employers. Our goal is for it to become the norm for
young people to go into an Apprenticeship or to
university or – in the case of some Higher
Apprenticeships – do both.
That is why, in our consultation document published in March, we confirmed
our support for the more employer-focused approach recommended by Doug
Richard, and sought views on how to make it a reality.
I was delighted by the positive and constructive response we received. 335
individuals and organisations provided written feedback, and I met many of
you directly in the workshops held during the consultation period. Having
taken account of the responses, I am now pleased to publish this
Implementation Plan for delivering Apprenticeship reform in England. This
sets out how Apprenticeships will be developed, undertaken and assessed in
future, and the process by which our new approach will be implemented.
What we are planning will fundamentally change the relationship between
employers, the government and those who educate and train apprentices. It
will also provide a blueprint for wider reform in vocational education.
It is a major programme of reform, and I do not underestimate the size of the
task. Implementation must be done carefully, but we also need to start now.
That is why we are identifying a number of early adopters who will run
Trailblazers from which they and those coming after them will learn.
If we are to have truly employer-focused Apprenticeships, employers need to
step forward and take ownership – establishing further Trailblazers and taking
ownership of skills development. I therefore encourage you to get in touch if
you wish to be involved in a Trailblazer for your sector. We need high quality
Apprenticeships to make sure everyone can reach their potential. These
reforms will take us closer to that goal.

Matthew Hancock MP
Minister for Skills & Enterprise

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