The Winner of the Apprentice of the Year Goes To.
The winner of this year’s Mid- Essex Business Awards Apprentice of the Year award goes to a person who has shown real determination and dedication to his chosen profession.
Andrew Lufkin has always been a ‘hands-on’ type of person and loves to figure out how things work and go together. After completing a course on bike mechanics at Braintree College he decided to look more seriously at a career in engineering.
Having worked for a while at a company in Braintree which unfortunately went into administration, Andrew was lucky enough to be head-hunted by his current employer – Pacepacker Services – via a former colleague, who remembered how good Andrew was and how eager he was to learn.
Andrew was very keen to start an Apprenticeship as he felt this would be the right route for him to expand his knowledge. His employer – Dennis Allison – was fully supportive and encouraged Andrew to research what programmes were on offer and present him with a plan. Andrew did this and secured himself a place on an engineering Apprenticeship programme, which was tailored for his role at Pacepacker.
The results have been amazing. Both Dennis and his line-manager Robin feel that Andrew has certainly added value to the business. He is very proactive, with a ‘can-do’ attitude, showing maturity beyond his years.
Andrew takes ownership of the tasks he is set and brings knowledge from his course back into work to help colleagues. He uses his initiative in the role he has and always seeks to find a solution to any problem he may encounter.
A very unassuming young man, Andrew certainly has embraced his Apprenticeship, looking to seek further study beyond his current course. He is a trusted employee at his company and has added various procedures into practice which has helped improve efficiency.
He hopes to one day be managing the workshop and continuously expand his knowledge. When asked what it would mean to win this award, Andrew said it would be a great thing to have and an extra bonus to his career.
An extremely worthy winner of the 2013 Apprentice of the Year – Andrew Lufkin, Pacepacker Services.

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