Content always counts more than style on a CV

Some very very good and valuable tips from the guys at Edgeley Solutions, one for the bookmarks list for future reference.
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edgeley solutions


Four design rules for every CV:

Adapted from an original article at

A graphic designer asked an online forum if she should highlight her skills by creating a unique design for her CV. Every hiring manager who responded answered, “No!”

In these days of high unemployment and lots of applicants for every job, a potential employer wants a CV that is formatted for easy reading, scanning, and printing. Some jobs attract 00’s of CV’s, it’s ok trying to stand out from the crowd, however by making your CV more difficult to read you can substantially reduce the chances of it being read and you getting shortlisted. If a professional graphic designer has to reign in her artistic talent, you should, too.

So, what does this mean for your oh so artistically produced CV? It means:

1)       Using a standard font:

If you wander away from standard fonts, the…

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