Will Linkedin be the death of the CV?

Will Linkedin be the death of the CV?. Is the question asked By a vibrant new blogger on WordPress, a colleague and a friend of Apprenticeships life. Have a read, voice your opinion.



2 thoughts on “Will Linkedin be the death of the CV?

  1. Re the statement: …. “There is one area where LinkedIn is far more effective than a CV; a viewer can click through and read about the companies on your profile. They can see who else works there and contact them about you,”

    I would have to say here that if someone were to “contact people about you”, it would be tantamount to obtaining a reference on you without your permission – might not exactly be illegal but very underhand and devious. If I discovered that a potential employer had contacted a third party to ‘find out about me’, without my knowledge or consent, I would take a very dim view and wouldn’t exactly be enthusiastic about joining them!


  2. Linkedin cannot be the death of the CV, for one simple reason – CONFIDENTIALITY, particularly if you’re a consultant or interim manager, and even if you’re a manager or professional in permanent employment. Most clients and employers are happy for you to include their names and your achievements on a CV which is accessible only to a very limited audience. But entering those names and achievements on Linkedin or any other public website is quite a different matter, and is something for which permission is unlikely to be granted. There are all sorts of issues and sensitivities, ranging from security and intellectual property, to such things as certain achievements perhaps making your client or employer look just a little bit silly and incompetent. In the case of consultants and interim managers, many of their clients are unlikely to want to admit to the whole world that they’ve had to bring in an outside expert or specialist to help. About a year or two ago an HR manager was sacked for, amongst other things, disclosing confidential achievements on Linkedin – achievements that indirectly conveyed the impression that, prior to his arrival in the company, his employer was not particularly competent in certain HR areas.


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