The world works in mysterious ways

The world works in mysterious ways!
I’ve been talking to a friend in The South of England who has, on his own back, and from his own pocket started a valuable project for the young unemployed and for love or money he can’t find someone to give him a helping hand to keep the project running.
Here’s just a few details on what this gentleman has done on his own, after spending thousands of his own money, and why I feel this project is worthy of some further funding IMHO.
Initially I want to open a free work and information centre for the unemployed and interested youngsters using my workshop. We will engage job centres, our local community and schools to inform youngsters of this incentive. When they decide they want to join our industry we will assess them for their suitability, we will then place the successful youngsters with our community bodyshops. During this time I will have the workshop accredited for training via the IMI for GMVQ, City & Guilds. Our intention is to start the youngsters in their first year on a traineeship and then progress them to an apprenticeship in their chosen discipline for year two and three. Of course, this is for my area where the nearest training facility is the College of North West London and MIT at West Byfleet. Nationally we would oversee the initiative with community bodyshops up and down the country that have colleges near bye.

Mathew Hancock (skills minister) personally endorsed this initiative. I have spoken with my local MP, Raymond Kinsella, The Business Engagement Manager at the Merton Chamber of Commerce, Steve Farrow, General Manager at TRP Training and Recruitment , South Thames College, Kingston College, Carshalton College & Croydon College who all endorse the initiative but have no funding to help.
Positive Signs & Deaf Apprentice have also asked to be part of this initiative so the young deaf people will have the opportunity for work experience.
The end result will be unemployed youngsters working and leading a more confident and interesting life.
If you can help, let me know
many thanks in advance

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