Work traites

One of the traits in an employee that lasts to make promotion, to supervisor or manager, whatever the employee wants to be in the long term, is to arrive on time, never be late or sick for no reason.
When I was younger I was one of the guys at school, I remember making fun of one of the kids in my class, I was always late back from break, overslept, dog’s dead, cat’s dead (I must admit though that my dog let me down when one day I said to my teacher, mr. Teague I believe, I’d just buried Butch, tears welling up in my eye’s, my grandad said that he’d gone to a better place, and that’s why I missed three hours of the first period, Math it was, I used to hate it, Mr t told me to sit down and try and catch up, not much hope of that though. When just before the bell rang, one of the other teachers came in to the class room, looked straight at me, and as she came in, she said “Does anyone know anything about this” and in came Butch my beautiful side kick, Alsatian, we were inseparable. A fortnight detention I got and a dressing down from the head master) any excuse to explain my lateness, absence. I was an expert at it, and then one day, one of the guys I used to make fun of my got to be a prefect, and he loved it! He gave me one bit of advice one morning, and it was this, ‘if you don’t buck your ideas up, and start to take things seriously, you’ll always be where you are now, making fun of people, with nothing of your own, whilst they’ll have a swanky car’ and do you know what, the next day I was on time, and took my education seriously from then on, and it worked, these are the lessons in life that our young adults are no longer getting as things stand.

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